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The Michigan Assistive Technology Loan (MATL) offers borrowers up to $30,000 for Assistive Technology. Through our partnership Michigan State University Federal Credit Union (MSUFCU) will assist with loan payout and related services or resolving payment problems.

Applicants may complete the application online at:

The loan rate is 4.99% APR.


Applicants are encouraged to contact MATL staff at 517-203-1200 - Option 2 to learn about how to apply. Or contact:

To figure gross income:  Multiply your full time hourly rate by 2080 for a full year’s gross income if there is not overtime.  For other types of income be sure to enter the full amount on your annual statement or add back any deductions to the total.

Loan Guarantees 

The MATL may guarantee loans for applicants who are declined for loans by participating lenders based on the lenders’ standard underwriting criteria.  To be eligible for a loan guarantee an applicant must demonstrate an ability to repay the loan, must be creditworthy and must meet the MATL criteria.

When completing documents with our financial partner read through the listed relationships offered and if none apply, choose “none of these.”  The bankers who partner with us will assist with your eligibility for membership through our program.

If you need alternative ways to apply or have problems during application call 517-203-1200 – Option 2 as phone bankers at MSUFCU are not aware of our program.  If you are unable to apply online contact the number above for alternative application options.

For more information about Michigan Assistive Technology Loan, please contact MI-UCP at

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